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Halloween Special at the Wighton!!

Lunchtime Recital,  Wighton Heritage Centre, Central Library, Dundee on Wednesday 31st October at 1.15pm, admission free (donations welcomed):

SHEILA KINNINMONTH and SYLVIA TROON with tales for Halloween!

Friends of Wighton mark Guising Day by welcoming two of Scotland's finest storytellers!  Sheila and Sylvia, both members of local storytelling group Blether Tay-gither, are well-known across Scotland and beyond.  Later in the afternoon, they will be telling tales to invited local schoolchildren.

Sheila Kinninmonth:
Sheila loves telling traditional tales from all over the world, especially Scottish folk, fairy and Traveller tales which celebrate 'oor guid Scots tongue'. She can use her wide repertoire to find stories to fit in with any event theme or school project from pirates to the environment, princesses or Greek Myths. She likes to encourage audience participation with rhymes and sound effects.

Sheila is comfortable telling stories to anyone who wants to listen, even if they don’t know they want to listen! A qualified nursery nurse with a degree in early childhood studies, Sheila has 30 years experience working with pre-school and primary aged children, using storytelling both to entertain and to support learning. She believes storytelling is a vital learning tool for all children, not only helping meet many of the outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence, but also passing on our rich heritage. She has also enjoyed leading storytelling and story making workshops with older children, young adults and nursery staff. As one of the original members of Blether Tay-Gither storytelling group, she regularly tells to adults.

Sheila lives in St Andrews, Fife where she was born and brought up. Having gained a love of stories from her grandparents and parents, who told her stories of rural life and wartime experiences as well as introducing her to folk and fairytales, she naturally continued by telling to her own children and grandchildren as well as telling in playgroups, nurseries and schools in NE Fife throughout her career in education, until retirement in 2010.

Sylvia Troon:
Midlothian-born Sylvia has been inventing and telling stories, drawing and making things ever since her early childhood. Nowadays she enjoys telling Scottish tales, world tales, myths and legends - in fact the journey of discovery goes on and on. She continues to tell her own short stories, often accompanied by her own illustrations and puppets with descriptive sound effects. Her subject matter ranges over Scottish history, natural history and geology, fantasy tales, environmental and conservation stories, health & well-being, but she fully expects to continue extending her themes and approach.

Sylvia tells stories to all age groups from age 3 upwards in schools and the community. She is in demand as a speaker for adult groups, and enjoys visiting the elderly, as well as children and adults with special needs. She has always been driven by a desire to involve, entertain and motivate, and has often been described as an "enabler". She likes to see people losing their inhibitions, and will explore any opportunity when it comes up to capitalise on reactions. Her style is natural and frequently playful, as well as being dramatic, with an emphasis on vocal expression. Little ones, young people, students, teachers and parents alike, are encouraged to "give it a go". She is always happy to help and give advice, and to pass on new ideas.

Bruce Davies cappuccino concert

Fife based singer-songwriter Bruce Davies will appear in concert on Saturday, 20th October at the Wighton Centre, Dundee Central Library. This is the Friends of Wighton's monthly Cappuccino Concert in the library. Admission is £5 which includes coffee and newspapers served from 10.30am. The concert begins at 11am.

Performing with acoustic six and twelve string guitars, rich baritone voice and an accessible style, Bruce Davies is one of Scotland’s most accomplished artists. During his 28 year career, audiences have seen the singer/guitarist in situations ranging from Folk Clubs to Churches, Scottish Shows to Songwriter nights, Cabaret to Theatre and he can boast of a largest audience of 14,000 and a smallest audience of 1! Performers are very often “pigeon-holed” but Bruce defiantly defies categorisation and recently said, “If a song’s strong enough to work with only an acoustic guitar accompaniment and I wish I’d written it, there’s a chance I will sing it”, which sums up a repertoire that crosses genres and eras of music.

In the last two years, Bruce has released two compilation albums. “…till a’ the seas gang dry…” highlights his best recordings of Scottish songs, while “Hand Picked”, showcases popular singer-songwriter classics with a selection of his own compositions. He has four other CDs currently available on the Rothes Recordings label.

Further information from or call 07792 336804
or Bruce Davies 01592-770466

Simon Chadwick's concert today

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